Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Peraduan Sape Paling Cute!!

Mari semua!!! Nak dapat duit percuma??? Adakah anda paling cute?? Comei..comel?? Huhuhuhu... kaluw anda rase seperti 2.. jom klik peraduan nie!! mudah sje > tanpa byr sesen ponw.. http://www.churpchurp.com/HaFez94/share/CutestThingMY

After close to TWO years of being the Cutest Thing, Churpie the Churp Churp Bird is ready to share the crown with others!

We are currently searching for the next Cutest Thing, come join us in our quest!

So go on, submit a picture and win the crown and also the exclusive limited edition of Churp Churp plush toy and 2GB USB flash drive.

Friends keep telling u that u r jz the #CutestThing ever? Well, be in the running to be THE #CutestThing !


1) Submit the cutest photo of yourself (example below):

2) Wait for the Churp Churp Team to assess the cute-ability level.
3) Once it is published on Churp Churp Facebook Fan Page, gather your friends and vote!!

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